based in Las Vegas, impire publishing is a premier source for event based print & video advertising!

Impire is now going on it’s 9th national publication.

by the brand not being so reliant on social media based growth, it’s authentic distribution & high imagery pipeline has grown into a two division magazine with it’s southern titled magazine called “kartel” which is now published in miami.

the impire brand has gained both national and internationally attention from strategic promotions, tantalizing covers, fresh event debuts and appealing advertising that fits a variety of new and established talent, brands and businesses that are seeking to gain more exposure in a multi billion dollar event Publishing advertising market.

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paid by sma. *a work from home commission based opportunity.

paid by sma. *a work from home commission based opportunity.



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Impire holds a higher standard than other publications when it comes to producing a high caliber magazine. Listing your current investment for your business or brand image is a very important criteria that Impire now uses to gauge all future business with the publication.

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